On The Bench Today 1/14/19

This is a basic green metal induction heater I just wrapped up.


Finishing up a yellow pineapple.


Midway through and completing a fun custom wooden heater. The customer wanted a Fluer De Lis with different Mardi Gras themed colors.


A customer asked to paint a metal heater to match their OmniVap Green XL Titanium. Obviously I had to buy me one to match the paint perfectly. I went with an emerald turquoise color changing enamel. That matching is pretty good and the new vape is incredible!


The tactile switch on Purple Haze broke, so I had to pop her open and replace it. It's good to see her again. Now to send her back home.


I'm working on a crazy custom that is taking me forever. We decided to try a honeycomb inlay. I used a blue glow in the dark pigment, but I'm not happy about the way it came out. The colors are uneven and bug the crap out of me. I'll start all over again and this time keep the colors even.


That's it! I'm done for the day. Peace!