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Mini Induction Heater

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I made a few changes based on the feedback I received from you all. I shrunk the heater down to 4.75x2.5x2.25" and added 4 LEDs across the front to indicate the battery charge. There are four more LEDs around the chamber. Two of them come on when the heater is turned on and two come on when actively heating.

This design also has a heat protected tactile push button to activate the heater and two resettable fuses to protect the entire circuit.

I typically get a click in about 8 seconds of heating. The battery takes about an hour to charge and I'm getting between 20-25 click cycles on a full charge.

Heater ships with a charger designed for the country your order is shipping to. We have power supplies that are designed for the US, EU, UK and AUS.

THIS DEVICE IS CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER AND MAY TAKE 1-2 WEEKS TO SHIP. If you need expediting, just let me know.